ZAFCO Leading the Brands from the Front

Forceum Egypt Seminar

ZAFCO is proud to have the world’s renowned tire brands under its portfolio, and for that it works hard and does everything possible to create brand awareness and business in different regions.

ZAFCO conducted a Product Knowledge Seminar on FORCEUM in Cairo, Egypt where all the customers from the country were invited where the discussion revolved around the offerings of the brand, their qualities, and technical advantages.

The Head of Product Communication & Marketing – Mr. Raghavendra Sanga headed the seminar session where the turnout of the participants was commendable, leaving the ballroom of Radisson Blu Hotel packed.

The customers were awarded with the Plaque and Branded Gifts because ZAFCO believes in recognizing its valuable partners, plus exciting giveaways branded with FORCEUM were distributed to everyone at the event. The event ended up with an entertainment session featuring the magnificent performance by Tanoura, followed by a group photograph.