Pirelli – ZAFCO UAE Dealers Convention 2017

June 12th , 2017

Pirelli – ZAFCO UAE Dealers Convention 2017

Dubai, UAE – Taking care of customers is always the utmost priority for ZAFCO, be it in terms of the product quality, technical services or marketing. Following its motto of ‘Growing Together,’ ZAFCO recently organized an exclusive dealers convention, in collaboration with Pirelli for its key customers from the UAE market.

12 customers were taken to a seven days trip to Budapest and Vienna from 30th July to 05th August, 2017 which had the group attending the Hungary Grand Prix held in Budapest on 30th July to kick start the tour.

The next 2 days were followed by sightseeing and other recreational activities in the city of Budapest. The most interesting part of the tour was the short 30 minutes’ flight from the city.

On the 4th day the group headed to Vienna by train to enjoy the scenic and relaxing journey. Upon reaching Vienna, the enjoyment continued as they headed to Madame Tussaud and other attractions during their 3 days there.

The trip was filled with fun and breathtaking experiences for our valuable customers which left them in awe and had everyone vowing to keep increasing the market share of Pirelli as always.

It’s peak summer & your car battery will surely feel the heat!

June 12th , 2017

Launches Tire Safety Campaign

Dubai, UAE – If you have owned a car for a while in UAE, you would agree that the life of a car battery is much lesser in this part of the world, even lower than what manufacturers generally guarantee. There is no rocket science involved but it is important to understand the reasons.

Batteries contain liquids which evaporate at high temperatures, putting the internal structure of the battery at risk. After all, a battery is an electro chemical device and the chemical reaction is effected by temperature. Now you would be wondering; heat should be good for chemical reactions. Yes, that is true. Chemical activity gets accelerated with increase in temperature but it also increases the internal corrosion rate. The damage once done, is irreversible.

It will be wrong to blame only heat for reduced battery life. There are other factors too, which effect battery life; charging & usage pattern. A faulty electrical system causing over charging can damage the battery.

Thank God, we live in the age of technology. We can’t fight nature but we have ways to protect batteries from extreme weather conditions and other threats; increasing the overall life. Let us look at how, Silver-Calcium batteries are a good solution.

Silver-Calcium-Tin Alloy Plate Grids

  • Offer the highest resistance to plate corrosion, meaning longer life of battery
  • Offer the highest resistance to plate damage from overcharging and excessive under-bonnet temperatures
  • Dramatically improve charge retention by a massive 300% when compared to conventional low-antimonial plate grids
  • Reduce water loss by 90%
TRANE is one of the pioneers in this technology and manufactures Silver Calcium Sealed Maintenance Free batteries. These batteries even have special charge acceptance boosters which neutralize lead sulfate thereby making recharging, easy. The safety aspect has also been considered and the specially designed lid prevents acid spillage, allows gas venting only from a centralized location and is equipped with flash arrestors for security against sparks and flames.

TRANE is readily available in the UAE market and is exclusively distributed by ZAFCO. The vast distribution network of ZAFCO ensures that TRANE branded batteries are available at various touch points across the country and can even be purchased through some online portals offering door step delivery and installation. ZAFCO’s automotive retail division- ZDEGREE too, offers this service.

Zeetex Launches #reTYREd campaign

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November 29th , 2016

Launches Tire Safety Campaign

Dubai, UAE – Zeetex is a company that is known for its customer centric approach. It is very active on the marketing front and is well known for its educative digital marketing campaigns. Some of the campaigns that have caught the public eye have been the Switch to Zeetex and the Don’t drink and drive campaigns. The company has now come up with another innovative campaign which has been developed with the purpose of educating consumers on what they could do with their used car tires.

To some extent, worn out tires can be used commercially as fuel in cement industry and for making the crumb rubber which can used for making jogging tracks and roads. However, many tires after their years on the road end up in landfills and in stockpiles on the road giving posing a serious risk of health and safety hazards. Through the new marketing campaign, Zeetex is encouraging people to take on greater responsibility when it comes to proper disposal and recycling of used car tires.

Zeetex is reaching out to its audience on social media through a series of animated posts, with each post sharing a new idea on how to convert used car tires into something that is useful- a series of Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas.

Zeetex continues to create an impact by spreading awareness and helping its customers yield maximum benefit out of Zeetex tires even after their life on the road is over. This campaign attests to Zeetex positioning as a responsible brand, yielding positive outcomes for the customers, environment, and the society.

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OTANI Launches Online Educative Campaign

July 25th , 2016

Launches Tire Safety Campaign

Dubai, UAE – Otani Tyres initiated an online campaign for the Truck Bus Radial segment that revolves around the key tips and recommendations for education purpose. The sole aim of the campaign is to help the target audience and the end-users maximize the benefit from the tires they use.

A series of enlightening creatives are being used that talk about the key features and benefits of Otani TBR tyres such as, low rolling resistance, regrooving and retreading guidelines. Plus, the importance of wheel alignment, tire rotation, and problems arising from mismatch of duals is also highlighted for tyre usage and maintenance.

A perfect blend of graphics and informative text makes it easier for the audience to understand the significance of the topics covered, and adopt them for better driving experience along with optimizing the benefits. This campaign by Otani Tyres is a true gesture of being a responsible brand, yielding positive outcomes for the customers, environment, and the overall society.

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